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Can EU ruling affect crop gene research? (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

Along with the genetically modified organisms (GMOs), gene-edited crops are considered to play an important role in increasing productivity. However, question marks remain over the efficiency of gene editing and its potential to disrupt the natural order. Last week, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled in favour of tying plants bred using gene … Continued

A breakdown of the new terminology in the draft for IT Ministry’s data protection Bill (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

A committee in the Ministry of Information and Electronics Technology submitted the draft of a Bill on protection of personal and sensitive data, along with a report of analysis. Both introduce some key terms to the data protection debate: DATA PRINCIPAL: It is the person, company, or entity whose information is being collected. “Data” means … Continued

How safe is CRISPR? (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

There is growing fear that the promising gene-editing system is being prematurely rushed for clinical use- The clustered, regularly interspaced, short palindromic repeats, or CRISPR/CRISPR-associated protein 9 (Cas9) (CRISPR-Cas9) system has revolutionised genetic manipulations and made gene editing simpler, faster and easily accessible to most laboratories. The technique has gained considerable traction recently to repair … Continued

Bihar, where state-run girl shelters are under the scanner (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Social Issues)

What happened? A social audit report prepared by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) found that at a State-run shelter home, Balika Grih, in Muzaffarpur, a north Bihar district, 34 of the 44 girls had been sexually exploited. Following the report of “physical and sexual violence” against girls at the home, the Opposition parties … Continued

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