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What have researchers at Google achieved? How are quantum computers different from regular personal computers? How will it impact the technology world? (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

Tech websites and theoretical computer-science outlets were aflame earlier this week after a story in the U.K.-based Financial Times said Google had claimed to have achieved ‘quantum supremacy’. In a line, it means that researchers at Google had solved a really difficult problem in seconds with the help of quantum computers which a supercomputer could … Continued

What can be done to address the demand drought in our economy? (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Economics)

A worryingly persistent slowdown dragged economic growth in India down to 5% in the fiscal first quarter, its weakest pace in more than six years. The private consumption expenditure, which contributes more than half the gross domestic product and is the mainstay of demand, has declined significantly. Automobile sales continues to plunge, posting worst drop … Continued

Supreme Court decision on illegal Maradu high rise apartments (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper II; Polity & Governance)

Decision of Supreme Court The court said that illegal high-rise Maradu high rise appartments should be demolished because they violate coastal zone regulations. These regulations restrict construction in coastal areas. Further, the court ordered demolition and removal of debris to be completed by February 9, 2020. It also ordered the State government to file a … Continued

Modi government is mistaken to believe that companies will invest more after the corporate tax cut (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Economics)

India’s falling economic growth has finally forced the government to relax its strict fiscal deficit targets, but even that may not guarantee a recovery. On September 20, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a reduction in the country’s effective corporate tax rate from around 35% to 25%. For companies that do not avail of any other … Continued

First Indigenous Fuel Cell System launched (Relevant for GS Prelims; Science & Technology)

The President of India unveiled the first Indigenous High Temperature Fuel Cell System developed by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in partnership with Indian industries under India’s flagship program named “New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI)”. The 5.0 kW fuel cell system generates power in a green manner using methanol / bio-methane, … Continued

Why RBI has put restrictions on Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank and What are the implications of these restrictions? (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Economics)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) slapped restrictions on Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank Ltd (PMC Bank), a leading cooperative bank headquartered in Mumbai, appointed an administrator and superseded its board of directors, sending shock waves among thousands of its depositors. Panic-stricken customers rushed to bank’s branches across the state and were unable to withdraw more … Continued

US House of Representatives begins impeachment inquiry on Trump (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper II; IOBR)

Democrats in the US House of Representatives launched a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, accusing him of seeking foreign help to damage the reputation of Democratic rival Joe Biden ahead of next year’s election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the inquiry after a closed-door meeting with Democratic lawmakers, saying Trump’s actions undermined national … Continued

Poshan Maah event by WCD Ministry (Relevant for GS Prelims)

The Ministry of WCD, as part of the POSHAN maah, reached out to all employees and visitors to create awareness regarding simple solutions to Anaemia and Diarrhoea. The Anaemia, Test, Treat and Talk will give the haemoglobin status and also offer counselling services on the prevention and control of Anaemia. The use of ORS and … Continued

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