Ease of Doing Business Report

It is released annually by World Bank. A higher ranking of country in this list means that its regulatory environment is more conducive and favourable for undertaking business. Ranking of country is based on 10 indicators, each having equal weightage. Distance to Frontier (DTF) score is calculated for each indicator that shows the gap of … Continued

Tropical Cyclones

Cyclone – is a system of winds rotating inwards to an area of low pressure, with an anticlockwise (northern hemisphere) or clockwise (southern hemisphere) circulation. Cyclones are also called depressions. Cyclones bring strong winds, rainfall or snowfall. Tropical Cyclones A tropical cyclone is an intense low pressure area or a whirl in the atmosphere over … Continued


What is Budget? The Union Budget of India, also referred to as the Annual Financial Statement in the Article 112 of the Constitution of India, is the annual budget of the Republic of India. The Government presents it on the first day of February so that it could be materialized before the commencement of new … Continued

ATM/debit cards vs QR cards

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) was founded on 1 September 2018. It does not issue ATM cards and debit cards for both cash and cashless transactions. Instead, IPPB issues new QR (Quick-Response) cards which work on biometric authentication and not on passwords or PINs. At present, IPPB offers multiple type of accounts. None of these … Continued

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