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Who is T. Vijay Kumar, and what is he doing to promote natural farming in Andhra Pradesh? (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Environment)

Like many other States, Andhra Pradesh is known for indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the extent that residues found their way into mothers’ milk in a few villages in Guntur. As Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) takes root in Andhra Pradesh, promising to move away from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and rejuvenate … Continued

Is biodiversity treaty a hurdle to conservation research? (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Environment)

What is the allegation against CBD? It’s a case of a “cure that kills”: an international conservation treaty is hampering conservation research, claim scientists. In a communication published on June 28 in the journal Science , an international team of scientists — including professors at India’s Kerala Agricultural University and Ashoka Trust for Research in … Continued

Tainted by uranium: On groundwater contamination (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Environment)

Higher uranium contamination in groundwater Reports of widespread uranium contamination in groundwater across India demand an urgent response. A study, published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters, has found over 30 micrograms per litre (mcg/l) of the heavy metal in parts of northwestern, southern and southeastern India. Drinking such water can damage one’s kidneys, and … Continued

After copper plant, why Tamil Nadu’s latest protest is over a highway (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Environment)

A proposed greenfield highway between Chennai and Salem has run into opposition. This is the latest in a series of protests against major projects in Tamil Nadu, including the Kudankulam nuclear plant and the Tuticorin copper smelter plant. At look at why the state government wants the highway, and why the protesters are opposing it: … Continued

Tiger shifted from Kanha to Odisha (Relevant for GS Prelims; Environment)

IN THE first such case of inter-state relocation, MB2, a 195-kg tiger, was shifted from the Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh to the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha. What is the overall plan? This is part of an ambitious project conceived by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests, National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) … Continued

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