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Cabinet approves National Policy on Biofuels – 2018 (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

The Union Cabinet has approved National Policy on Biofuels – 2018. Salient Features: 1. The Policy categorizes biofuels as “Basic Biofuels” viz. First Generation (1G) bioethanol & biodiesel and “Advanced Biofuels” – Second Generation (2G) ethanol, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to drop-in fuels, Third Generation (3G) biofuels, bio-CNG etc. to enable extension of appropriate financial … Continued

MNRE issues National Wind-solar Hybrid Policy (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has issued National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy. The objective of the policy is to provide a framework for promotion of large grid connected wind-solar PV hybrid system for efficient utilization of transmission infrastructure and land. It also aims at reducing the variability in renewable power generation … Continued

How Apple’s new watch with e-SIM works (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

Apple launched the LTE, or cellular, version of its Apple Watch 3 in India last week through service providers Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio. However, soon after, Reliance Jio filed a complaint with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) that Bharti Airtel has violated unified licence (UL) conditions by not setting up its infrastructure for pairing … Continued

ISRO making green propellant (Relevant for GS Prelims, GS mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

Green propellant Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have reported progress in the development of an environment-friendly propellant to power satellites and spacecraft. The effort is to replace the conventional hydrazine rocket fuel, a highly toxic and carcinogenic chemical, with a greener propellant for future missions. Initial tests by a research team at … Continued

Commission approves modern animal-free testing for drugs (Relevant for GS prelims, GS Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

New guidelines for pharma makers will come into effect from July 1 In a step that would spare animals from suffering due to drug experiments, the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission has approved modern, animal-free tests for drug manufacturers. In the 2018 edition of Indian Pharmacopoeia, that provides guidelines on tests for drugs manufactured and marketed in … Continued

ISRO’s clock to prop up India’s own GPS (Relevant for GS prelims, GS mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

NavIC non-operational on account of failure of atomic clocks Time is running out for the seven-satellite Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), also known as NavIC (Navigation in Indian Constellation). NavIC, whose seventh satellite was launched in April 2016, was expected to provide India a satellite-based navigation system independent of the U.S.-controlled GPS (Global Positioning … Continued

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