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What is the country’s Deep Ocean Mission all about? What are the metals that can be extracted? (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

India’s ambitious ‘Deep Ocean Mission’ is all set to be launched this year. Dr. Madhavan Rajeevan, Secretary, Union Ministry of Earth Sciences, announced on July 27 that the 8,000-crore plan to explore deep ocean minerals will start from October. What will be mined from the deep ocean? One of the main aims of the mission … Continued

What will the move to Bharat Stage VI standards entail? (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains paper III; Science & Technology)

In the run-up to BS-VI mass emission standards by April 2020, sales growth of vehicles has witnessed a slump due to several factors, including economic conditions, weak rural demand and the impending shift to higher standards. The Union Government, through an order dated September 16, 2016, mandated Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) mass emission standards for … Continued

Why big tech firms are under scrutiny in US (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

The regulatory scrutiny around the big technology firms is going to widen with the US Department of Justice announcing a probe to review the practices of “market-leading” online platforms. Technology giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon will likely be impacted by this broader review. The Justice Department wants to know if the leading … Continued

Chandrayaan-2 will help India test the technologies for deep-space missions (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

A decade after the first successful mission to the moon with Chandrayaan-1, the Indian Space Research Organisation successfully launched its sequel, Chandrayaan-2, to further explore the earth’s natural satellite. Why Chandrayaan-2 is achievement for India? Earlier this year, China landed a robotic spacecraft on the far side of the moon, in a first-ever attempt. Now … Continued

Gravitational wave disturbances: how will India contribute to LIGO? (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

Why is it important for the country to join the global network studying gravitational waves? What will it achieve? On September 14, 2015, the two LIGO detectors in the U.S., at Livingston in Louisiana, and Hanford in Washington, registered a disturbance due to gravitational waves travelling outwards from a point 1.3 billion light years away … Continued

5G rollout: How far has India progressed, and where does it stand on Huawei? (Relevant for GS Prelims & Mains Paper III; Science & Technology)

While taking charge as the telecom minister last month, Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that India would conduct field trials for 5G telephony in the first 100 days of the new government. One question that has been asked is whether Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei will be able to participate in the trials. Huawei was blacklisted … Continued

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