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PrepMate's strategy for Personal Interview:

Personal interview is the final stage of the civil services exam. A good score in personal interview ensures not just a rank in merit list but also rank in sought after All India services. Most of the students take interview lightly. However, as the results of the interview determine the final score of the candidate and at interview level, students can gain as high as 80% and as low as 20%, the preparation of interview is most important.

We follow a 8-fold strategy at the interview stage to ensure the success of our candidates in the IAS exam with the best of the ranks.

1.Individual assignment to every candidate: We prepare detailed assignments containing questions on every information provided by the candidate in the mains form. As per our past experience, 80 % of the questions asked to the candidate in the interview are already included in our assignments.

2.Question Answer sessions: In these sessions we ask the questions to the candidates and help the candidates in framing most appropriate answers. The number and duration of these sessions depend upon the requirement of the candidates.

3.Review of Past year interview questions: Past year question papers asked in IAS interview guide the candidates as to the pattern and type of questions asked in the interview. Also, review of past years papers bring confidence in the students preparing for the interview.

4.Mock Interview with the faculty of the institute: The faculty of the institute interview the candidate innumerable times. We believe that such regular interviews generate confidence in the candidate, develop the skill to score high in the interview and help student to identify those areas of preparation which need to be emphasized.

5.Mock interview with the experts: Mock interview with the experts bring the interview preparation level to that of perfection. Our experts are retired IAS officers, military officers, educationist and other eminent personalities.

6.Video recording of mock interviews: Recorded interviews are later on reviewed by faculty and the students and detailed feedback is given to the candidate. Review of mock interview videos enables the candidate to develop appropriate self analysis and guide the interview preparation of the candidates.

7.Thorough coverage and analysis of current affairs: Current affairs are an important part of interview preparation. Questions related to current affairs are asked during the interview. Thus, in our interview curriculum, we give a special place to current affairs. Not only are all the current affairs covered in the class but also the emphasis is given on thorough analysis of current affairs so that any question relating to the current affairs is answered well by the candidate.

8.Revision of conventional general studies and optional subject: Sometimes the questions in the interview are asked from conventional general studies and optional subject.  Thus, quick revision of mains syllabus is also part of our interview curriculum.
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Questions based on the complete gamut of areas: (Self, Family, Town, Dist, State, Nation, International and Current Affairs)
We thoroughly cover all areas like Hobbies, Achievements, Interests, Work Experience, Educational Background, Choice of Service, Choice of Cadre etc.
We help you research and form the best answer to each possible question.

Special attention to finer details such as, how to communicate effectively, emphatically and convincingly.
Learn the art of articulation and spontaneous answer formation. Special focus on your presonal presentation, soft skills and body language.

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