NASA’s InSight spacecraft lands on Mars

NASA’s InSight spacecraft lands on Mars
NASA’s unmanned lander, called InSight, landed on Mars in Nov. 2018. It is the eighth successful landing on Mars in NASA’s history.

What is the objective of InSight?
It is designed to identify and analyse quakes and tremors of Mars in order to gain knowledge about Planet’s formation and rocks. The same information will also be useful to understand earth. 

List of Active Missions on Mars

  • InSight. Mars lander (NASA) …
  • ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter comprising Mars orbiter and lander (ESA) …
  • MAVEN Mars orbiter (NASA) – MAVEN stands for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission
  • Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Mars orbiter (ISRO)

Curiosity Mars Rover (NASA)

  • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA)
  • Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity (NASA)
  • Mars Express and Beagle 2 orbiter, Lander failed (ESA)
  • 2001 Mars Odyssey (NASA)

Orbiter orbits around a body such as planet. Lander has the capability of making soft landing on surface of body and rover has capability to move on surface of body. The missions involving rover are far more complicated than missions involving only orbiter.

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