New malware: Reaper and Saposhi

Cybersecurity agencies have detected new malwares called Reaper and Saposhi respectively. They are capable of taking over , devices and turn them into ‘bots’. These bots can be used for unwanted purposes, including a Distributed Denial Of Service attack. Such attack can cripple entire even large networks.

Saposhi can take over over millions of devices at the rate of 10,000 devices per day. Reaper, capable of not only hacking devices like WiFi routers and security cameras, is also able to hide its own presence in the bot — a device taken over by a malware.

How Reaper and Saposhi work?
These malwares are released into cyberspace, with specific instructions programmed into them. The instructions direct them to take over as many devices connected to the internet as possible.

Depending on its programming, these malware turns internet-connected devices into ‘bots’ and starts building a botnet.  Malwares like Reaper and Saposhi are capable of identifying weaknesses in devices and exploiting them to turn the devices into bots.

Once a large enough botnet is created, simultaneous pings are sent to a single server, causing a server failure, which is called a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

Depending on the size of the botnet, malwares can execute multiple DDOS attacks at the same time, or over a period of time.


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